As industry leaders, we’ve taken safety very seriously for the past 25+ years. That dedication has never wavered. Paxica’s talented design engineers can design and implement any size of projects.

All of our packages include design, service and installation.

Our Commitment

As industry leaders we’ve taken safety very seriously for over 25 years. That dedication has never wavered. Paxica’s talented design engineers can design and implement any size of projects.

PAXICA's systems have become increasingly complex. Typically requiring the integration of fire alarm, building automation, smoke management, security and other systems. PAXICA's comprehensive life safety commissioning services ensure these systems are fully integrated and designed to state codes and standards. PAXICA meets and exceeds all standards with our state of art design programs and knowledge.

We are the leading company who offers a variety of custom designed systems. Our systems are designed on an open platform so they can be integrated with other security solutions. PAXICA’s fire and security solutions are designed to protect your customers, employees and property with today’s updated technology.

Serviced Industries

Fire and security designed projects performed by PAXICA include residences, multi-family residential facilities, manufacturing, and industrial facilities, cultural institutions, educational institutions, commercial complexes, health care institutions, office structures, financial institutions, government complexes and much more. We consider our fire and security design and installation team to be the "best in the business", and our clientele regularly verifies that statement. As a fire and security protection firm, we have extensive product knowledge from a wide range of technologically advanced systems in the industry and keep current with all the up to date technology and changes.

Custom Builders
Cultural Institutions
Commercial Complexes
Education Institutions
Financial Institutions
Governmental Facilities

Health Care Institutions
Hotel Facilities
Multi-Family Residential Facilities
Manufacturing & Industrial Facilities
Management Companies
Office Structures

Services overview

We offer fast, professional and exceptional services

PAXICA Security Group has significant experience in the use of access systems, video surveillance systems, fire alarm systems, communications systems, security detection systems, control center design and much more. We have complete security engineering design and AutoCAD drafting expertise.

Businesses across the world lose billions of dollars a year from things like employee theft, inventory shrink, shoplifting and vandalism.  Investing in a solid security detection system provides many long-term…


Over the years, physical and cyber security has become more of an ongoing issue.  Access systems are vital to the protection of your business facility as well as your data. …

Networking Services

Network infrastructure contains resources that enable network connectivity, communication, operation, and management. Typically, it includes networking hardware, software, and services. If your network isn’t secure, it can make your business more susceptible to attacks from malware, spam, and other unauthorized access.


Life or death decisions are controlled by the personnel operating your security system from a centralized control station.  The equipment they are provided in their workstation, the layout of the…


Implementing a security camera system or upgrading your current system is about protecting your assets.  Whether its organization assets or your staff, a strategized video surveillance system can be crucial…


Fire Alarm Systems The main benefit of installing fire alarms is a reliable early warning.   Fire alarms can be installed just about anywhere in a commercial building and are highly…

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