Nurse Call Systems

How do nurse call systems work?

Simply put, Nurse call systems allow a patient to call or contact their nurse or nurse’s station easily.  Some of these systems also allow staff members to effectively communicate with each other while others have integrated staff and equipment locators.

Recent Upgrades to Systems

Over the years there have been many advances in nurse communication systems.  They enable streamlined, customized communication among patients, clinicians and other caregivers.  This helps to enhance patient satisfaction and can improve their overall quality of care.  One of the biggest upgrades are mobile handsets, which are improving call systems by adding real-time communication and data capture to monitor the activity of staff and patients. Giving your nurse staff instant access to patient vitals, labs and other data is critical and can save lives in a distressing situation.

 Other examples of upgrades include new technology using smart phones which allow nurses to instantly communicate with one another and patients.  There is a huge need for this type of technology in hospitals and other healthcare institutions.  Connecting the staff interdepartmentally in a secure way is making the lives of your staff easier while easy integration with other data and communications systems help to manage the patient experience.

The Basics

Nurse Call Button – This is referring to a button or cord found primarily in hospitals and nursing homes.  These are strategically placed where patients are the most vulnerable, like bedsides and bathrooms.  It enables patients to remotely alert a nurse or other healthcare professional in a time of need.

Overall Benefits

  • Enabled bedridden patients to communicate with staff remotely
  • Instant notification for patients who may walk, but with risks.
  • Patients have an increased sense of security

Wireless Nurse Call Systems

If your business needs call system updates or a new system and you are wanting to save on costs, wireless systems might be your best solution.  Like hardwired systems, wireless types can alert nursing staff by lights, sounds or by showing messages in a terminal.  The need for less hardwiring is why the costs can be much lower for these types of system.  Hallway dome lights will still require hardwiring for these systems.


  • Compatibility – Whether you are looking to replace an entire system or update a current one, wireless systems are very easily integrated into any facility. This technology is often utilized with existing smart phones or other wireless devices connected to a network.
  • Easy installation – Can be placed in any location, lower installation fees.
  • Digital Control Panel – Characteristics include: ranking calls in order of importance, integration with desktop and mobile, alarm resetting and self-testing systems.

Wi-Fi Nurse Call Systems

Response time is crucial in dire situations.  A good Wi-Fi nurse call system can utilize real-time location pinpointing of staff and patients.  This can save important time and allowing immediate response by the appropriate personnel in an emergency.  If a system fails, alerts from staff RFID tags notify the IT department of the location immediately, which drastically reduces patient risk.

Real-time Location Services

In healthcare facilities where there is a risk of patients wandering, location services can be vital.  These patients are fitted with RFID enabled wristbands or lanyards that use Wi-Fi access points to track and instantly locate them at any time.  This technology will save time.  Staff will no longer have to search floor to floor to locate a missing patient.

Monitoring your assets, like medical equipment, is also a great idea that can save lives.  Knowing exactly where certain equipment is in a dire situation is key.   RFID chips on your equipment will also prevent equipment from being lost or taken out of the facility without authorization.

These systems are increasingly popular in many healthcare institutions.  RFID systems are very easily integrated into existing systems and can be expanded or reduced based on patient/facility needs.  Easy installation of these systems saves money and can be installed with minimal disruption, allowing patient care to continue uninterrupted.  It is simple to integrate RFID technology with other IP enabled devices like heart monitors and other medical equipment.  Your facilities capabilities are vastly expanded with the investment in technology like this.

  • Easy system integration
  • Improve workflow
  • Increased patient satisfaction and safety
  • Improve working conditions for staff

Good nurse call systems can push notices and alerts to rooms or hallway monitors.  Combined with an IP camera system, nurses can instantly tell what is needed by the patient and respond accordingly.  With RFID tracking of equipment, nurses will also know before going into a room if all the required equipment is on-hand or needed.  Keep track of workflows, asset distribution and response times through consistent analytical reports.

More components of Nurse Call Systems

  • Intercoms
  • Hallway Dome Lights
  • Cell Phone Alerts
  • Pillow Speakers/Call lights
  • Wall stations
  • Bed Cables
  • Desk Consoles

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