Lighting Control

What is a lighting control system?

A lighting control system is an intelligent network-based lighting solution that incorporates communication between various inputs and outputs using a centralized computer.   These systems are widely utilized by indoor and outdoor commercial, industrial and residential spaces.

One of the most effective ways to protect your property with the installation of outdoor security lighting.  Although it is still advisable to have other methods of security in place, like an alarm system, the presence of security lighting alone can be a major deterrent to criminal activity.  Many residential homeowners are finding that security lighting is going far to protect their homes and families.

For years, security lighting has existed on commercial properties for many reasons.  The most obvious benefit is an increased sense of peace of mind.  Potential intruders rely on the cover of darkness to enact their theft, so the appearance of light keeps them away.  When strategically integrated with a video surveillance system, the chances of positive recognition are heightened.  This gives owners a better sense of control if something occurred on their property in their absence.

Protect your employees

Besides being a criminal deterrent, outdoor lighting can ensure the daily safety of your staff.  Potentially painful and costly accidents are easily prevented with a lighting system.  Any objects that may be a tripping or falling hazard can be easily identified by strategic lighting.

Motion-detecting Lights

Installing motion-detecting lights will surely save your business money on energy costs which makes them a very common and sensible option for your lighting system.  This type of system will only turn the lights on if movement is detected in an area.  This saves money in energy costs and can also save money through a reduction in insurance premiums for businesses who have this type of enhanced security.

More Benefits

A commercial space should always be more productive, attracting new clientele and remain safe.  The industrial space should always be hazard-free, as productive as possible, and less likely to become a target for theft and vandalism.  Make apartment and condominium complexes more appealing to families and other potential residents and make your retail spaces more inviting to customers with a strategized lighting system with the help from Paxica Security Group.

Other influences to make your decision about lighting

  • Local code enforcement structure
  • Guidelines for property size and location
  • All city standards are met

Task Lighting

Task lighting refers to increasing illuminance to better accomplish a specific activity.  The most important purpose of task lighting is to illuminate a workspace to increase safety and/or security.  Special instances of task lighting are examination and operation lights for medicine, surgery and dentist’s lamps which require specialized bulbs for the clearest light possible.

Other uses

  • Sewing
  • Reading
  • Repairs
  • Model construction
  • Writing

Networked Lighting Control Systems

The most advanced type of lighting control system is a networked system, which can be part of a building’s automation package or designed as a stand-alone system. Networked lighting control systems allow the operators to control the lights from their computers or handheld devices that contain the lighting system software. Operators can turn lights on and off and set timers to control the lights. Advanced software programs can even store data and create usage charts so that energy usage can be precisely observed.

Strategic placements of your security lights

  • Controlled sites that have other security measures in place
  • Public spaces that are heavily trafficked with few or no access controls
  • Multi-family residences with common areas

Concentrate your lighting around frequently traveled areas, common corridors and emergency access zones.  These systems can work with existing security measures to provide a safe environment for a very long time if users maintain them in accordance with codes and recommended updates.

Security lighting is perhaps the best deterrent against burglary. Commercial burglary affects all retailers, big and small. In fact, it’s statistically a bigger issue than ever before with a two-third increase in commercial burglaries since 1989. Factor in robberies, and what you have is a nationwide trend for crimes committed against commercial enterprises increasing.  Security lighting, therefore, is more essential than ever before, but the benefits of commercial security lighting extend beyond criminal deterrence.

  • Cost-effective installation and maintenance
  • Protected to prevent vandalism
  • Indoor and outdoor placement
  • Creates sense of safety for staff and visitors
  • Prevents accidents like slips, trips and falls


LED Lighting Upgrades


If you are you looking to increase the safety, security, curb appeal, reliability and efficiency of your retail space or facility without increasing long term costs, upgrading your current fluorescent or HID lighting to LED will accomplish this.

Replacing with LED fixtures will have the following impact on your operating costs:

  • Less energy consumption
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Increase overall business revenue – Increase productivity, attract more customers, decrease accidents

There are many ways to manage the different security lights in a home or business. Lighting controls and lighting control systems can be used for indoor and outdoor lighting of commercial, industrial, and residential areas. Lighting control systems provide the desired amount of light where and when it is needed. They are used to maximize energy savings, satisfy building codes, provide safety & security or comply with green building and energy conservation programs.

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