Digital Surveillance Systems

Digital Surveillance Systems

Throughout the years, digital surveillance systems have become increasingly more essential to commercial security.  The ability to use a digital system to monitor, track, and store data about your facility digitally.  This can be vital to protecting your company’s physical security, hardware, as well as your fixed assets.  These systems have a multitude of benefits.

  • Reduce crime in your area with visible cameras
  • Eliminate unauthorized intruders
  • Monitor hallways
  • Visitor monitoring
  • Prevent theft and vandalism
  • Increase employee productivity

From retail shops to schools and hospitals, video surveillance can be a huge benefit for a wide variety of commercial industries.

Commercial businesses – Small and large offices are kept safe from theft.  Monitor worker safety while deterring potential vandals.  Any incidents within your facility are conveniently chronicled for your records.


  • Lower internal and external theft/loss
  • Keep track of day-to-day operations
  • View your facility at any time from a network connected device
  • Improve overall customer service
  • Ward off trespassers
  • Decrease accountability from claims and lawsuits


Construction site security – These sites are subject to all types of security issues, including vandalism, accidents, and theft of raw materials.  Installing a strategic digital surveillance system is a critical step to safety and security.


  • Reduce site theft
  • Keep out criminals
  • Ensure a safe workspace
  • Monitor construction process to increase productivity
  • Check multiple sites from any remote device
  • Prevent liability law suits and save money

Educational Facilities – It is extremely important to ensure tight security in school settings.  Violence in schools has become more and more of a real issue and should not be ignored.  Video surveillance can save lives on campuses, in schools, academies and other learning establishments.


  • Prevent trespassers and suspicious individuals
  • Deter criminal activity of all kinds
  • Continuously ensure the safety of staff, teachers and other school admins
  • Remotely monitor cameras from any smart device
  • Prevent the acting out and misbehaving of students

Healthcare – Digital surveillance has a long history of success in delivering powerful solutions to the healthcare industry. Many potential security threats within hospitals, clinics, private practices and pharmacies, can be deterred using a digital surveillance system.  Preventing theft, dishonest employees and liability suits are all common issues within the healthcare industry.

  • Keep patient records and identities safe
  • Prevent intruders from entering restricted areas
  • Increase staff and patient safety
  • Ensures all health and safety standards are being followed


(If there is a specific business industry needed, I can include more here)


Why Digital?

Digital systems enable a captured superior-quality image to be compressed, stored or transmitted over communication networks or digital data links.  Digital video systems provide many benefits and advanced functionalities that cannot be achieved with analog video surveillance alone.  Some of these advantages include: higher quality images, remote access, intelligent video capabilities, easy installation and integration.  With digital, there is also more flexibility and cost-effectiveness overall.

User Flexibility

What is great about a digital video network is its ability to adapt and grow with the user’s needs.  The system can be managed and changed as a business grow and shifts.  Instead of having to install all your cameras at once, like with analog, a digital system allows for you to increase your camera count as you need.  Adding a new camera to your network is extremely easy.

Network video products can be placed and integrated from any location, and the system can be as closed or open as needed.  The captured videos can be stored on multiple servers to increase the reliability of business record keeping and security of file sharing.

Simple Installation

Digital commercial surveillance systems are easier to install than analog systems.  (They are also easier to use.)  They require less specialized equipment, only requiring the strategized placement of digital cameras throughout your business facility.  A computer or smart phone connected to a network and cloud storage space on a large hard drive are the other recommended hardware for a complete digital video surveillance plan.  It is also nice to not worry about hardwiring everything for your video system.  Simple. Easy. Efficient.

Monitoring your surveillance is made simple with digital surveillance.  Monitor your facility anytime, anywhere around the world.  This is a perfect solution if your business has multiple locations to protect.  Your security can be seen on any smart device if you must be away from the business for long periods of time.

Reduce human error and save time.

In the past, businesses would utilize human monitoring to catch events in real-time and to review past video.  When monitoring, security personnel would sit and watch a bank of monitors looking for developing security situations.  This took up a lot of time and was reliant on on human dependability.  Fatigue from staring at monitors or looking at the wrong monitor at the wrong time could easily result in something missed.  The development of smart video monitoring software now saves businesses valuable time and money while increasing surveillance reliability.

Digital video monitoring software monitors all the video feeds at once, using analytics to detect potential threats before they occur.  Some of these analytics include facial recognition, loitering, line crossing, objects being moved or taken and more.  The system will then sound an alarm so your security staff can respond accordingly.

As technology continues to advance, the cost of digital surveillance systems continues to drop.  There has never been a better time to invest in, or upgrade to, a new system that will ensure safety and security, while increasing efficiency and accuracy.  At Paxica Security Group, we see a lot of success with pairing businesses with the perfect options for their specific industry and unique facility.



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