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PAXICA Security Group┬áhas over 25+ years of professional experience in each area of specialization required completing a fire and security protection design project. Our professional experience includes Security Integrator’s, professional engineers, certified fire protection specialists, communications specialists, and other professionals with extensive experience in the design and specification of electronic security and fire systems.

We focus on the needs and demands of electronic and physical fire and security protection design and installation projects. It all begins with the client conference, to determine the requirements and scope of the project. A detailed survey is generally recommended to determine additional needs and status of the fire and security protection systems. The completed survey provides a general guideline for the full design and installation of the designed system.

PAXICA brings to each client our sound reputation for service and reliability. We can provide a complete list of previous clients for reference information. We’re proud of our relationship with our clients, which continues long after the completion of a project.

Our fees are based on the time necessary to survey and determine the needs of the project engineer and specify the system components, complete engineered drawings, and present information. A package fee is offered, along with a close estimate of actual expenses necessary for installation, travel and accommodations. Only those expenses authorized in our pre-project conference are included. Clients often tell us we offer more quality and quantity at a reasonable fee than many competitors.

PAXICA Security Group performs complete reviews of applicable fire and security protection standards to ensure that current programs and existing systems comply with industry practices and guidelines. Underwriters Laboratories (UL) requirements, manufacturer installation, and general building code standards.

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