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Video Monitoring

If you are considering installing a new digital surveillance system or considering an upgrade to an existing system, it’s good to know all the advantages a digital video surveillance system can provide your business.

Implementing a security camera system is a big step in protecting the assets of your company.  This can include everything from your infrastructure assets all the way to the hard-working individuals employed by your business.  Cameras can help to prevent theft, detect customer movement patterns, video surveillance and paybacks to the company.

Reduce loss, theft and vandalism

Take control by warding off vandals with powerful video surveillance from Paxica Security Group.  If your property is vulnerable to vandalism, it’s time to act to stop it.  This type of security system can be an indispensable tool in preventing trespassers from coming onto your land or onto your property.

  • Reduce vulnerability to vandalism
  • Catch criminals in the act
  • Prevent loitering
  • Maintain safe grounds for patrons and staff

High-definition video footage, paired with strategic placement, will save your company money.  It will also help your business to pursue any charges against individuals caught stealing or vandalizing property.  Clear images can be used in the prosecution of suspects.

Protect your Employees

Camera systems in your business facility help to directly and indirectly protect your employees.  We recommend setting up video cameras in your company parking lot and outside the building to record any criminal activity that might be occurring.  Exterior cameras also help security officers to ensure your employees make it to their vehicles safely.

Recording systems will capture any instances of employee abuse or harassment towards other employees.  This footage may be used as evidence against the accused.  Indirectly helping employees, video surveillance helps employees by continuous visitor monitoring.  Keeping track of everyone who goes in and out in imperative to eliminating suspicious activity.

Increase overall Profits

Through video monitoring, businesses can learn how to be more efficient and increase productivity.  Managers can continuously monitor processes that may be contributing to a loss in productivity.  This gives the business owner a better understanding of employee and business habits allowing for important adjustments to be made to increase the bottom line and help the business to run more smoothly.

Profit is also increased through potential savings on insurance.  Many insurance companies offer special discounts for businesses who have a surveillance system.

Best Places to Install Video Surveillance

Cameras are typically located at the corners of the building.  Cameras are used to secure areas like parking lots, docks, emergency exits, break rooms, halls etc.

The idea is for the cameras to be strategically placed so someone cannot move from one area to another without being seen and recorded the entire time by at least one camera.  Bad security camera placement can negate the effects of your security efforts.

Start by identifying high priority areas and then strategize specific spots where a camera may be placed with an unobstructed view of the area.

Outside Surveillance

For exterior areas, research angles and hardware that maximize the viewing area.  Parking lots are a commonly monitored area and parking light poles might seem like a great area to place your cameras.  Just be sure to make sure the lights from the other poles do not interfere with the video quality.  We always recommend focusing your view on doors, walkways and parking lots.

Interior Surveillance

It makes sense to have video surveillance indoors, especially if your business is retail.  Focus your attention on merchandise as well as your cash registers.  Those are not the only places where you could benefit from camera placement.

Other Recommended Surveillance Areas

  • Low traffic locations
  • Stairwells
  • Hallways
  • Break Rooms
  • Elevators
  • Emergency Exits

Monitoring Your Video Surveillance

Surveillance systems give you the peace of mind that your property is well secured, and consistent monitoring Is key to the success of your security plan.  Thankfully, remove monitoring is easier than ever.  With most systems, you can access the system by logging in through your smart phone, tablet, or computer from anywhere with an Internet connection.  Your system may also be set up to send you immediate alerts when your system is activated, letting you know there is a potential situation.

Did you know there are third-party video monitoring companies available if you do not have the time to self-monitor?  These companies get sent alerts when your system detects activity and can remotely login to view the video and assess the situation.  If there is a problem, they will notify the proper authorities.


Overall Advantages

  • Deter crime
  • Monitor scenarios and activities
  • Gather evidence
  • Maintain records
  • Improve customer experience
  • Increase productivity

The benefits of adopting a video surveillance system are endless.  Paxica Security Group has access to all the best and most customizable options for your business, no matter the industry. Visit our website today to learn more about the amazing potential of a high-quality system for your business.

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