Fire Alarm Systems

Fire Alarm Systems for Your Business

No one can foresee a fire occurring in your business, and that’s why it’s so important to be prepared. In addition to an evacuation plan, fire alarms and fire monitoring systems are a must for any business facility.

  • Save lives
  • Reduce property loss
  • Quick response time
  • Reduce fire recovery time

No matter how big or small your business is, the reality is always that your building needs fire alarm system protection.  There are many fire codes for businesses which are locally enforced.  Going through all the laws can be time consuming.  Spend your valuable time focusing on your business and hire experts like Paxica Security Group to recommend the best alarm systems and plans to cover all the city fire codes that exist in your area.

Life Safety

The biggest reason to have integrated fire alarms is overall life safety.  A good fire alarm saves lives.  Period.  Obviously, the faster people within a building are notified of a fire, the faster they can evacuate before becoming trapped or faced with a desperate situation.  Did you know there are fire alarms that will even tell you exactly where a fire has been located within the facility.

  • Increases evacuation time
  • Emergency help is notified and immediately dispatched
  • Fire department can help to exit safely

Evacuation time is decreased significantly with a commercial fire alarm system.  They make it easier for occupants to exit with flashing lights and exit signs.  These easy to see additions to your system are imperative to a safe and quick exit strategy.  Exit signs can even be seen in the dark in the event of a power outage.  Sprinkler systems are also excellent for a quick response which will reduce recovery time.

New to Fire Alarms?

There is no room for error when it comes to fire protection.  This starts at the very beginning; with the detection of the fire.  Your systems reliability and dependability is crucial.

Types of Fire Detection Systems

  • Photoelectric Fire Alarms – Responds bests to slow, smoldering fires utilizing LED light
  • Ionization Fire Alarms – Fast response to flames utilizing electric currents to detect smoke particles.



Your Control Panel

A centralized dashboard allows you to have continuous access to the system’s status.  It enables you to command and control large campuses and buildings.  Your system admins can remotely monitor the system via any device connected to a cell network or WiFi connection.  Notifications of activity are received instantaneously and can be handled as quickly as possible.

The control panel allows you to make any and all adjustments needed to the smoke alarm devices.  The sensitivity of the alarms can be changed remotely, for example.  Other devices can easily be enabled and disabled in this way too.

Control Your Data

Through your customized user portal, you will be able to access all detailed history of your alarm system.  Keep track of any previous adjustments to the system and see a history of alarm activity at any time.  This information can be helpful to see which detectors need sensitivity adjustments to minimize phantom alarms over the entire network.

Fire Alarm Monitoring

Fire alarm systems serve to main purposes: alarming occupants there is a fire present and contacting the fire department.  However, there are some facilities who require fire alarm monitoring.  These types of systems take advantage of the fire alarm’s ability to detect a fire situation.  The problem becomes known to the fire department who can solve the specific problem most efficiently.  With these systems, authorities are automatically notified and dispatched without anyone needing to dial 9-1-1.

Fire Alarm Monitoring is NOT required in every facility, but it’s an important addition to your alarm system to not only notify occupants but reduce fire department reaction time.  Saving lives and property is the result of utilizing an efficient and state of the art monitoring systems for your business.

Proactively Protect your Business

A building can be destroyed completely within minutes if a fire is not quickly and efficiently distinguished.  Your business may suffer tremendous damage from a fire, costing you thousands or even millions in repairs.  Avoid costly fines and a temporary shutdown of your business by investing in a high-quality system.  Paxica Security Group is the gold standard of fire alarm system protection.  Providing your business with the best alarm and detection system is our top priority.

Business Fire Prevention Plan

  • Fire Exits
  • Portable Fire Extinguishers
  • Emergency Evacuation Plan
  • Know Regulations
  • Fire Suppression System (sprinklers)

Prevention methods should be customized to your industry and facility. 


Fire Safety Laws

Know your fire safety laws.  If laws are ignored, and someone is injured or killed in a workplace fire, you may be held reliable.  This is an enormous risk that is not worth taking.  It’s important to take the time to familiarize yourself with important codes and trusting companies like Paxica Security to take the reins.  As experts in the field, we guarantee to effectively cover all the bases when it comes to your fire protection. Contact us today to learn more.

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