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Multi Zone Security Systems

A lot of meticulous strategical planning, organization writing go into a good commercial security system.  The first step to developing a plan is to identify potential threats to your business.  Do you have physical assets within a facility that might influence theft?  Or do you have valuable information stored within a cloud online?  Organizations and businesses should take the time to consider all of the possible scenarios that may impact it.

Common data threats in business

Disgruntled Employees – Internal attacks are one of the largest threats facing businesses.  Your data systems can become vulnerable if the right person decides to cause a problem.  Staff with access to networks, data centers and admin accounts can cause serious damage.

Uninformed or Careless Employees

Imagine the damage that’s possible if an employee accidently leaves an open phone on the bus?  Sensitive information is easily exposed and could be manipulated by someone with sinister intent.  Employees may also not be completely trained in security best practices for things like passwords, visiting unauthorized websites and/or clicking on suspicious e-mails or opening unknown attachments.  These types of risks can severely damage your business.

Mobile Devices

Data theft – Data is at high vulnerability when employees are using mobile devices [particularly their own] to share data, access company information, or neglect to change mobile passwords.

Unpatched or Devices that cannot be patched

These are network devices, such as routers, [servers] and printers that employ software or firmware in their operation, yet either a patch for a vulnerability in them was not yet created or sent, or their hardware was not designed to enable them to be updated following the discovery of vulnerabilities.

No computer or workstation is immune to compromise. Information and network assets are of important value and protecting them is the responsibility of everyone handling these them. Every department is expected to develop a security plan.  The cohesion between these plans will result in the ultimate security of your business.

Third-Party Vendors

As technology becomes more specialized and complex, companies are relying more on outsourcers and vendors to support and maintain system.  these third-parties typically use remote access tools to connect to the company’s network, but don’t always follow security best practices.  Many of the high profile and very expensive breaches in the past year for large businesses have been attributed to the contractor’s login credentials were stolen.



Physical  Security

Every business or organization needs a security plan because of risk factors.  Even small businesses with a modest facility can benefit from a few simple security measures.

  • Businesses (small, medium, large)
  • Office Buildings & Office Parks
  • Shopping Centers & Malls
  • Schools & Dormitories
  • Apartment Complexes
  • Churches & Other Places of Worship
  • Retail Stores
  • Restaurants
  • Convenience Stores
  • Banks
  • Industrial Facilities
  • Warehouses
  • Factories
  • Power Plants
  • Government Buildings
  • Public Parks & Gardens
  • Wedding Venues
  • Banquet Halls
  • Amusement Parks & Other Entertainment Facilities

Multi Zone Alarm Systems

Alarm zones are how a security system manages and controls sensors. The sensors are assigned to specific zones. When a sensor is triggered, the system informs an administrator which zone has detected a thread so immediate action can be taken.  Sensors detect unauthorized entry or movement in an area, or in the case of environmental sensors, when there has been a change in an environmental factor – e.g, a smoke detector.  A zone normally corresponds to a sensor or sensors in a particular area of your business where risks are typically higher – e.g. entry area, hallways or front door etc.

Many zones can be monitored by a conveniently located control panel.  The control panel is the “brains” of a system.  This gives your security team more flexibility but planning, installation and setup of your security system takes dedication and time.  Paxica Security Group is vastly experienced in handing this process for your business.  Understanding how your security system utilizes strategic zoning to ensure the best possible coverage is a complicated and time-consuming process.  It can save valuable business time and money to hire an expert group to manage the details.

Integrated Multi Zone System

From boosting productivity, to conflict resolution, installing a custom multi zone system that seamlessly works together, will benefit your business in many ways.


An integrated multi zone security system takes many-sided security systems and integrates them into one solution. For example, a business can have the following security systems:

  • Video Surveillance
  • Access Control
  • Intrusion Alarm
  • P.A System
  • Uniformed Guard Service


  • Productivity – Assigning a specific zone for a specific person will allow the team member to utilize their skills, specifically in that area, ultimately ensuring the management team that the tasks assigned to that specific person will make a grand shift in the company’s efficiency.
  • Centralization – An integrated multi zone system will allow your business security operations to become centralized. Management crews and business owners can now get a full report from one area rather than needing to speak to all areas of their security system individually.
  • Theft deterrence – According to the Kroll Annual Global Theft Report, theft remains largely an inside job. Their figures show 60% of scams are committed by insiders. Ways to prevent these types of scenarios is to integrate a specifically catered multi zone security system for your business.
  • Monitor your business in real-time – With multiple zoned security systems, business administration teams are able to see what is going on inside their facilities and areas of work instantaneously. However, business owners and management teams don’t always spend all their time on the premises and can’t always ensure themselves that everything is running smoothly. With real-time monitoring, it is simple to check in on individual zone cameras and audio with a click of a button on your phone, tablet or computer.
  • Save on business costs – having a multi zone security system will allow your business to save money and be protected. Otherwise, theft, burglary or robbery may become a larger risk. With these systems, businesses have multiple outlets to look into and see what occurred, why it occurred or the possibility of events not taking place at all.





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