Telephone Entry Systems

Telephone entry systems

Utilizing high quality telephone intercom systems is the absolute best way to communicate with any visitors at your door or gate.  Many of these systems allow a business to use their current telephone lines which help to eliminate the inconvenience of installing new lines just for your entry gate.

Commercial Telephone Entry – If your property is large and has a common entrance that can communicate remotely with multiple locations or tenants.  Through a network connection or phone service, access to the property must be requested through dialing a code for entry or dialing a location and using voice communication to request entry.  Entry would then be given by the press of a button.

  • Gated communities
  • Apartment buildings
  • Office buildings
  • Storage facilities
  • Industrial complexes

For any commercial workplace, safety and security is a number one priority.  Keeping your staff safe as they work is what all businesses aim for daily.  When your building is secured by a telephone entry system, your employees have peace of mind, and feel better protected.  Telephone systems are user friendly and simple to operate.

Benefits of Commercial Telephone Entry Systems

  • Convenient
  • Increased security
  • Easy integration with different systems and doors
  • Video capable
  • Remote communication via IP networks

Increasing Business Security

Telephone entry systems operate by a simple and user-friendly design.  Even though they may be simple, they give a huge boost to the security of any building or facility.  These systems allow you to communicate with people at your entry point and instantly give them access, or not.  This gives you and your staff complete control of who is let in, while unwelcome visitors are left out.  If you operate an open-door policy in your business, anyone can walk through the door and cause problems.

Intercom Entry System

Through utilizing an intercom system, access is very easily and quickly given to those waning entry.  They keep you aware of who is always in your building.  Reduce the need for a receptionist at the front of your building.  You will be able to buzz people in after a voice communication is initiated.  Once inside, the visitor can then be welcomed.

Many systems rely solely on audio communication for authorized entry, while others have incorporated video.  Both types of entry are very effective with audio being the less expensive route to go.  Video footage of your entry points can be very helpful and can be used to identify trespassers and other unwanted guests.  Implementing a combination of both strategically will do wonders for your increased security.  All can be controlled easily from a centralized location on a desktop computer or remote device with a network connection.

Intercoms help with more than just security

Intercom systems are wonderful for consistent controlled entry, but they are also great for quick communication between business floors or offices.  This leads to increased productivity within your business and could potentially lower overhead costs.  All your integrated intercom systems can function on the same system, which also minimizes setup costs and fees.

IP and Cellular Technology Integration for your business

The advancement of IP and cellular connectivity has moved telephone entry and intercoms from a standalone device to one that has more functions and can work seamlessly with other traditional security functions.  Utilizing smartphones for access control takes away the physical element of access control cards too, eliminating the need to physically enroll everyone with authorized access to enroll in an access control system.  Your staff and other visitors will no longer need a card to gain access to a building.  The phone will ensure the identification and authorization.

Monitor your entry points to cellular

  • Remotely establish and manage access codes
  • Determine when/where to receive alerts of entry activity
  • Receive detailed activity reports
  • Remotely verify entry codes

Management Functions

  • Manage visitor entry offsite
  • Visitors call mobile phones to request access
  • Open a gate from offsite location
  • Receive immediate alerts via text, e-mail or online control panel
  • Access all logged activity

Installation Basics

Most telephone entry systems include multiple control boards which are interconnected inside the entry system housing.  There may also be memory chips, microprocessors and other modular components inside the system.  This might make the system vulnerable to heavy vibrations which could result in faulty functionality.

Recommended Placement

  • Mounting post
  • Wall mounting
  • Column or Pilaster
  • Avoid – Fence panels or fence posts near gates


When it comes to communicating with guests at your gate, there is no better way to get the job done than using our high-quality telephone intercom systems. Paxica Security Group offers a wide range of phone entry systems that give you total control of your entry point communication. Several of our products even let you to use your existing telephone line, eradicating the troublesomeness of connecting an entirely new line just for your gate or door. Our intercom systems offer communication options for numerous gates if you have several entrances around your property.

Whether you own a home or a business, being able to communicate with those at your entrances is always important. You can expect reliable communication and a wealth of useful features from all the intercom systems we offer.





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