Digital Signage

Digital Signage

Digital displays use technologies such as LCD, LED, projection or e-paper to display digital images, videos or webpages.  They can also be used to show weather data, and even restaurant menus.  They are found in many places for all kinds of businesses, providing wayfinding and other important information.  They are most known for marketing and outdoor advertising.

  • Public spaces
  • Museums
  • Transportation systems
  • Hotels
  • Stores
  • Stadiums
  • Retail Locations
  • Exhibitions
  • Corporate buildings

Screens are everywhere.  Throughout our daily lives, people today are caught up with everything digital.  In-store digital signage is not just for the big corporations.  Technology has made hardware more affordable than ever and the implementation is easy and maintainable.  No matter your industry, digital displays get your message across to the right people while creating a long-lasting impression.

  • Grab attention – Delivers an eye-catching, relevant message to those inside your office or store. Important information will get noticed.
  • Easy to update – Easily manipulate your content to allow for greater flexibility in updating content throughout a campaign, without starting over.
  • Stay connected – Connect your advertisements to the Internet. Integrate features like news, weather and sports into your business.  You could even connect your digital signage to your social media channels.
  • Amplify your message – With video advertising, your digital signage allows you to get more of your message across in less time. Plus, people LOVE videos.

Digital Signage for Security

When was the last time you reviewed your building’s emergency exits or fire plan map?  Do you know where it’s posted?  Do your employees?

When disaster strikes, your business needs a plan of action.  Digital signage helps your facility be prepared because of its ability to integrate with emergency responders while providing communication around your building.  Businesses and organizations who take full advantage of digital signage for security increase the likelihood of reaching their target audience with critical information.

For safety and security-related communication in a business environment, messages must not merely be sent, they must also be received.  Most of the time, these messages need to be communicated quickly.

In many industrial industries, like oil, gas, chemical and manufacturing, the risk of defective safety and security is very high.  Beyond manufacturing companies, any business in any industry can potentially be exposed to theft and other crime, along with weather-related risks.  No matter the setting, the need for timely safety and security information is vital.

Digital Alerts

People today stay safe by receiving notifications and alerts from their personal connected devices in specific locations.  Analog alert systems still have their place with alarms and emergency lights, but when integrated with a modern digital system, their full potential is reached. Digital alert systems can provide real-time emergency information to those who need it most.  Security and safety frameworks rely on all shapes and sizes of digital signage.

  • Information broadcasting – In the chaos of an emergency, it is imperative to provide clear modes of communication and simple directions to prevent a panic. This information is easily updated and shared via digital signage.
  • Visual safety cues – Alarms and messages are ineffective if someone cannot hear or understand them. Easy to read and dramatic digital displays help spread the message in a way everyone will understand.

Remote Content Control

Cloud-based digital signage allows an manager to publish important security updates from any device connected to the internet.  Connect to your business social media profile to push important updates out to those who need to see them.

Stay Prepared

Digital signage networks are a valuable tool before a crisis even begins.  It is critical your company establishes a clear chain of command for relaying safety information and directions to a group of people.  Regularly displaying photos and profiles of security officials and other emergency contacts will help people recognize who to trust in a bad situation.

A digital signage communication plan for safety works best when it delivers contextual, visual information based on live events and current information.

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